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                                           b. 1995, Adelaide, South Australia.

                                           Lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia.

Joseph Häxan is a digital composite photographer, retoucher and filmmaker, using his own body as his model. In 2018, Häxan graduated the Bachelor of Visual Arts program at the University of South Australia. While completing an Honours study in Photography the following year, Häxan's The Black Mass series was acquired by 20th Century Fox for their popular television show American Horror Story.

The same year, the artist was commissioned by Lithuanian arts and culture festival Yaga Gathering to design the poster for the event and produce a promotional film, which gained viral success on the internet. Häxan has since exhibited solo and in group exhibitions internationally, most notably with Life Framer in their AFTER DARK traveling exhibition in New York, Tokyo and Milan. Häxan's work has featured in many photo-media publications, including Vice France, Dark Beauty Mag, Lens Culture and Collide Magazine. In 2021, legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight selected Häxan as a contributor to his media studio SHOWstudio. The artist was one of a curated group brought together by Knight to launch arts funding platform Contribute.To. Häxan's work explores the relationship between human beings, nature and the occult, and a sustained examination of this topic has driven his most recent series. 

“Welcome to the dark world of Joseph Haxan, a bizarre place where suburbia meets the occult in scenes of bacchanal-style rapture. Hordes of naked male bodies congregate in late-night fields and construction sites, averting their faces to avoid the subjectifying gaze of the camera; the only time faces do appear is when they are drenched in blood, gaping into the void, as one does at birth and death, or staring upwards towards the sky, wondering if God is watching. Red is a recurring motif, seen in the gore and pantyhose, contrasting against the night sky like the lining of a Satanist’s robe. Resembling found footage, Haxan gives us visions from the after dark, evidence of the hungry pack animals we are, no matter the picket fences or manicured lawns that surround us.

'Suburban Occult', Scene360 Magazine

Hayley Evans, 2018

REALITY                                                               2023


UNIVERSE                                                 2021- 2022

Totem (small).jpg

THE MONONOKÉ                                               2021


THE RITE OF SPRING                                 2019 - 2021

Blood Moon (small).jpg

BODY HORROR                                        2018 - 2019

Typhoon Approaches (small).jpg

NATIVITY                                                            2017

Skin Girls (small).jpg

THE BLACK MASS                                                2016


GARDEN                                                  2014 - 2021

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FILM WORK