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GAGPROJECTS is pleased to present Turns, Protracted, and Slow, an exhibition of new work by Sundari Carmody. This is her first solo exhibition of sculptures at the gallery, featuring a constellation of objects made from various materials, including neon, silk, opium poppy seeds, and hand-printed photographs.


The title of the exhibition, Turns, Protracted, and Slow, is an indicator of her fascination with the intangible and the invisible, and the larger mechanisms of the cosmos. The essence of Carmody’s practice is charting the relationship between consciousness and the cosmos.


Neon light works are installed throughout the exhibition, ranging in form from minimal and linear to more gestural and intimate. These works give tangible expression to mostly fleeting or elusive perceptions of lightness, darkness, and the visible universe.


Carmody has been collecting sleep-bringing poppy seeds from her garden and suspends them in sheer silk organza pieces called Milky Way. Formally resembling lines of text on a page or black-and-white astronomical surveys.


Alongside these are hand-printed Gum Bichromate photographs that use the light of our nearest star, the Sun, to expose images of distant stars. The images fixed in the paper are historical astronomical surveys by significant astronomers William Herschel, Edwin Hubble and Vera Rubin.


There is considerable distance between the works in the exhibition, the emptiness in the gallery echoing thevast distances between astronomical objects and the spare quality of the work. In this exhibition, the artist invites the viewer to contemplate how our inner world, our consciousness, intersects with the outside world: water, birds, plants, and the sky.

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